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We have been in business since 2015, concentrating or focused on re-financing productivity. We are a developmental-intermediary in the financial sector sourcing funds from the domestic and international funders for refinancing purpose to micro, small and medium enterprises.
Innovation, Royal International Development Agency Ltd has an innovative vision to ignite the dissemination of Electric solar cooking technology with a view to achieve the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):
• SDG 7 on access to affordable and clean energy access
• SDG 13 on climate change
• SDG 3 on good health and well-being
• SDG 15 on life on land by encouraging the use of renewable fuels and help to decrease forestation
• SDG 5 on achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls.

The SDG goals are for the achievement of global benefit to mitigate adverse climate change, eradication of bad-healthy and supporting gender equality as well as empowering women and girls.